A Basic Introduction


So I’ve never really done anything like this before but its something I’ve been thinking about for a while and with a few talks with a good friend I’ve decided to test the water see how this goes.

I thought I’d give you a basic understanding of what i’m going to be doing on this page.

So for the most part I’m going to be reviewing books that I’ve read, I’ve got several I’ve already read and have been dying to review for a while now so I’ll hopefully have those up soon.

Secondly I’ll probably doing reviews of movies as well mostly Marvel movies and movies that are based on books.

Thirdly I may sometimes throwing in an everyday blog about myself if something particularly good happens that I desperately want to share.

“every accomplishment starts

with the decision to try”

– Gail Devers

So that’s pretty much it – If I try my best and hardest I’m going to be doing something good. That’s what I promise for this blog, to try my best to make this something worth reading.

I hope that someone reads this if I get at least one read I know I’m doing something right.

peace and love,

Beth xoxo